Neucore Financial provides investors with a vehicle for participating in the real estate market through investment in mortgages.

Our focus is on two areas: 1. Preferred shares of Provident Mortgage Corp. (Provident), and 2. Direct participation in individual mortgage loans.

Provident is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) under the Income Tax Act, and has paid dividends monthly without fail since 2004. Investors in preferred shares of Provident Mortgage have the choice of doing so directly, either personally or through their corporations, or via their registered accounts such as RRSP, RRIF or TFSA accounts.

Neucore oversees the investing of Provident’s capital in a diversified pool of mortgage loans. This diversification helps mitigate risk compared to investing in a loan directly to any one borrower and any one property. Dividends are distributed monthly and at the investor’s option can be reinvested in additional shares.

For experienced Accredited Investors with a higher risk tolerance, Neucore from time to time offers participation in individual mortgage loans.

For information on investing with Neucore, please contact:
Garry Neufeld
(403) 650-7615