About Neucore Financial
Mortgage investments

Neucore Financial is an investment fund manager operating as a mortgage lender in Alberta. Mortgage investments are sourced through Neufeld Capital Inc., an Alberta-licensed mortgage brokerage in business since 1992.

Incorporated in 2014, Neucore Financial Inc. is registered with the Alberta Securities Commission as an Investment Fund Manager, Restricted Portfolio Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer. It is also registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Neucore manages the operations, including investor relations and investment functions for Provident Mortgage Corp. a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) under Canada’s Tax Act.

Provident Mortgage Corp. (PMC) is a real estate mortgage investment company and lender based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Provident’s principal business activity in Alberta is the funding of first and second mortgage loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

Provident was established in 2004 and has paid monthly dividends to its preferred shareholders without interruption since July 2004. Investor funds are pooled in a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans secured by various real estate projects and holdings with the objective of providing holders of preferred shares with sustainable income while preserving capital for distribution and reinvestment. Preferred shares of Provident are eligible for RRSP, RRIF and TFSA plans, and dividends distributed to shareholders are treated as interest income for tax purposes.

Garry Neufeld, founder and president of all three firms, has been involved in real estate finance since early 1974, having spent several years in the trust industry, in positions ranging from mortgage officer to branch manager, regional manager and vice president.

Orest Dizep, Vice-President and director of Neucore since inception, previously enjoyed a long and successful career in real estate finance in the trust and banking industries, in various positions from administration and underwriting to middle, upper and senior management.

For information on investing with Neucore, please contact Garry:
(403) 650-7615